Giant Planet Disruption

For more information on this project, please read our paper:

Consequences of the Disruption and Ejection of Giant Planets
James Guillochon, Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz, Douglas N. C. Lin. Submitted to ApJ.

Snapshots from Giant Planet Disruption Simulations

Above: Three snapshots starting shortly after the first passage of a 1 \(\scriptstyle M_{\rm J}\)planet by a \(\scriptstyle 10^3 M_{\rm J}\)star at 1.5 times the tidal radius.
Above: A 3D rendering from the same the simulation shown above. Three isocontours are shown with densities of \(\scriptstyle 10^{-3}\)g/cc, \(\scriptstyle 10^{-2}\)g/cc, and 0.5 g/cc. Color shows temperature, with red corresponding to colder regions and purple to hotter regions. The inner contour is colored solid white to make it more visible.

Movies of Giant Planet Disruption

A grazing encounter:

A deep encounter:

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